Willard, Missouri police officer helps baby not breathing after birth

Springfield, Missouri (KY3) – Willard Police Department Sergeant. Steve Purdy helped save a newborn who stopped breathing after birth.

August 12, Sgt. Purdy got a call that his mother was in labor. Willard Police Station was close to their location, so he answered the call. Before he arrived, dispatch said the baby had been delivered and the baby wasn’t breathing. He was the first to arrive at the apartment where his mother had already performed CPR.

He took over, and minutes later, asked his parents, Taylor Burt and Ray Daugherty, if they had anything to clean his lungs.

“When the baby was breathing on its own and we were able to hand it over to the mother, it was such a relief,” Purdy says.

The baby’s name is Usher and he is now 3 weeks old. His parents say he is happy and healthy.

Sergeant Purdy says he doesn’t really care about getting all the attention, but he appreciates it. He and others want to recognize his mother’s quick thinking.

A team effort to give baby Usher a fighting chance.

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Source: www.ky3.com

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