Watch Online 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series Full Episodes On Digi Movieplex

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Watch Online 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series: Digi Movieplex has rolled out 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap web series on its platform. The web series narrates the humorous story of two physically challenged brothers and their married life. Being unable to take control over their body, their wives decide to go for another way to complete their physical needs. Filled with drama and romance, the audience may get to see several intimating scenes throughout the web series. 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap cast Jinnie Jaaz and Dheeraj Narang in the lead role.

To watch the web series, one just needs to take their subscription. Talking some of the most-hit Digi Movieplex web series include 61-62 Pyasi Pushpa, 61-62 Babu Ji Ghar Pe Hain, 61-62 Adla Badli, and more. The web series is surely on its way to gaining so many views and appreciation since it has two famous actors in the lead. 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap web series release date is 16 September.

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61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series Plot

The synopsis is, “The two brothers are physically challenged living an unsatisfied married life. One can’t speak but he is the most-angry man in the house while the other had lost his hand but he eats a lot. They want to make their nights delightful and their wives happy but fails to do so as they can’t use their body properly. The story takes its turns when the two ladies decide to add another member and seek what they wanted to. However, things wouldn’t go as planned and may turn unpredictably.”

The web series follows the dots of humor and drama. You might get an extra layer of romance with a pinch of intimate scenes. 

61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series Cast

Jinnie Jaaz as Wife

Dhiraj Narang as Handicapped brother

Deepak Dutta as Dumb brother

Watch Online 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series

61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series Review 

61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap is streaming from 16 September onwards. One would need to take their subscription to watch all episodes of the web series on Digi Movieplex. It is referred to as one of the most-loved Indian OTT platforms. You will find here some unique and entertaining web series. 

The web series trailer was launched recently and received quite a huge response from the audience. The story revolves around family members and their interactions with each other in a humorous way. Dheeraj Narang has played the role of a handicapped brother in the web series. 

Watch Online 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series On Digi Movieplex

Directed by SSK, the web series is set in a family drama with timely funny and arousal scenes. The web series just doesn’t follow any normal love affair story. Yet it showcases a unique story of two brother and their sexual lives with humor and drama. 

Watch Online 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap Web Series

Anyone can watch online 61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap web series full episodes on Digi Movieplex. All you have to do is pay a nominal fee and get access to all web series and movies on the platform. 

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