Southington School Board Investigates Controversial Vocabulary List

Hartford, Conn. (WFSB) – A Southington teacher is being questioned about a worksheet that is upsetting some students and parents.

Earlier this week, a three-page packet was distributed to English classes at Southington High School.

There is controversy over the paper, which includes terms like cisgender, marginalization, transgender, and white privilege.

School board members say it didn’t get their attention.

“That’s awkward for me. I’ve read the worksheet. Do I agree with it? Absolutely not,” said Joseph Bachewski, board vice president.

“As the packet puts it, black people and people of color don’t have to be talked about or treated differently because of the color of their skin. treated in exactly the same way.

Another woman spoke at a school board meeting tonight. Her daughter is the one who raised this issue in the first place.

“We are a Puerto Rican family, part of a family, some dark and some light,” Jenny Cinquemani said.

She says she suspects teachers may have intended it to hurt, but it is controversial and worksheets like this are not used in schools for race and ethnicity. We have closed the conversation on how is handled.

“Some of the social divides that do exist are real whether people want to admit it or not. Jim Crow laws aren’t that far from our history. This country There are still people alive today who went through it, so I think it’s important to set some rules for how we approach it in the classroom when we’re exposed to these difficult subjects.” said Jenny.

This is not the first time Southington Public Schools have addressed such a problem.

“For all the crap going on in the world right now, is this the end? The first week of school starts off negative. It’s annoying,” Bachewski said.

Jenny encouraged school boards to think about how to approach the themes of diversity, equity and inclusion.

“There are ways to approach these difficult conversations, but this definitely wasn’t the case,” Jenny said.

An investigation into this incident is ongoing and Channel 3 is awaiting communication from the Connecticut Education Association.


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