Shamar Duncan has been charged with murder and other charges in the shooting of three Dutch soldiers in Indianapolis, prosecutors say

Duncan charged with murder of Royal Dutch Army Soldier Shimy Poetsema who died in hospital sundaAccording to an indictment filed Thursday in Marion County Superior Court.

He has also been charged with two counts of attempted murder and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, documents show.

He has pleaded not guilty, his attorney Kiki Gaither told CNN in a statement.

“At this time, it is premature to discuss potential defenses to the prosecution,” Gaither said in a statement. It must go through a discovery process in which relevant evidence is exchanged.”

The soldiers were in Indiana as part of a training exercise, the Dutch Ministry of Defense said in a news release. Two surviving victims told police they had gone out to a bar with a group of friends on the night of the shooting and were on their way back to a hotel, according to probable cause affidavits.

According to an affidavit, the two soldiers told police that on their way home, a fight broke out between some members of their group and three other men. When they did, they said, shots were fired, documents say.

According to an affidavit, Poetsema died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Several witnesses told police that a fight had broken out between the two groups. Among them was a man identified as R. in court documents who was with Duncan when the altercation began, the affidavit states.

Eyewitness testimony and video evidence indicated that R.’s pickup truck was parked at the scene and left the scene shortly after the shooting, the affidavit said.

R. told police he was driving while Duncan was “firing from the back of the truck” and when R. yelled at him for firing, Duncan said, “I just spat.” , said the affidavit.

One of three Dutch soldiers wounded in shooting outside Indianapolis hotel dies

In a statement to police, his girlfriend told her that Duncan thought he saw someone with a gun during the fight, so he went to the truck to get his gun. I said I said

The affidavit reads: “I defended myself by saying that I saw one of the men with his hand on his waist.” “The girlfriend asked Shammer if he shot him, but he said nothing.”

According to court records, Duncan is scheduled to appear in court for a jury trial on November 14.

CNN’s Elizabeth Wolfe, Liam Riley, and Sarah Diab contributed to this report.


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