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Said Chino’s Wikipedia bio is yet to be accessible. In any case, he is prominently known as an expert fighter from Tanzania.

He will go head to head Steven Bagwasi in Scud Fight Night Boxing. His fans have been rooting for him, and he has additionally communicated his fervor about the battle. The match will happen on August 26, 2022.

Who Is Said Chino? Insights concerning His Wikipedia Bio Said Chino is a Tanzanian expert fighter. In any case, his profile is yet to be highlighted on Wikipedia.

The fighter was once denied the title of WBO Global Super Bantamweight Championbecuase he neglected to make the weight. Around then, news sources detailed that regardless of whether he crushed the boss Philipus “Energy” Nghitumbwa at Helao Nafidi, he wouldn’t have the option to guarantee the title.

Nghitumbwa weighed 54.80 kg, however Chino was tipped at 57.50kg, which was undeniably more than the permitted 55.34kg. Accordingly, regardless of whether Chino had dominated the game, the belt wouldn’t be his, and the title will go unclaimed.

In any case, Janie van Wyk of the Nambia Boxing Control Board had said that he would get a rating. Yet, eventually, Philipus took him out in somewhere around 2 minutes and 6 seconds of the principal round and asserted the title in March 2022.

He is an unmistakable fighter who has partaken in 30 battles in which he has guaranteed 19 triumphs, nine misfortunes, and two draws. His records will change as he partakes in Scud Fight Night Boxing. His fans wish for his triumph.

What Is Said Chino Ethnicity? Said Chino’s genuine name is Said Mohamed Hassan. In this manner, he is a Muslim. While his last name is supposed to be of Arabic beginning, he is a Tanzanian.

Yet, quite a while in the past, there were numerous Arabs that visited the country because of exchange. Hence, the country has a few Arabic impacts, which is the reason many individuals in the past are said to have embraced the Muslim religion and last names around then while conveying the legacy till now.

Consequently, since Chino was born and brought up in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, he follows the Tanzanian identity.

Said Chino Age Is 25-Meet Him On Instagram Said Chino is supposed to be at 25 years old as of now. In any case, there are no insights regarding his introduction to the world date for the time being.

Also, he is a functioning client on Instagram. His name is referenced as Saidi, and his profile on the stage gives data about his profession foundation. He battles in the featherweight division.

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