Saali Gharwali Primeshots Web Series Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

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Saali Gharwali Primeshots Web Series: After getting tremendous success from Mrs Teacher 2, fans will now get to see Aliya Naaz again in another exciting web series. Primeshots app has announced its next web series titled Saali Gharwali. The web series follows the twisting yet interesting incidents of a young boy and his interaction with his sister-in-law. Saali Gharwali web series release date is 2 October 2022.

With Primeshots app’s new content strategy, the audience will now get more engaging web series than ever. Saali Gharwali is one of the most-awaited web series that features several known actors. Set in a rural area, the creator of the show has now focused to gain attention by shifting their content angle. Primeshots web series often consists of a satisfying conclusion at the end. And you can expect the same from this web series. Saali Gharwali web series cast Aliya Naaz in the lead role.

Earlier, Primeshots app was in the highlights for releasing several hit web series. They include Mrs Teacher, Raveena, Andha Dhundh, Mrs Teacher 2, and more. Talking Saali Gharwali web series trailer has been released which gained a huge response from the viewers. Since it has Aliya Naaz for the lead role of sister-in-law, a craze among the audience is certainly expected. 

Saali Gharwali Web Series Cast

  • Aliya Naaz as Ekta

Saali Gharwali Primeshots Web Series Release Date

Saali Gharwali web series is scheduled to release on 2 October 2022. To watch the complete series, you must have a primeshots subscription. Also, you can access their web series and movies with just a single account. 

Recently, Saali Gharwali web series trailer was released on the Primeshots app and YouTube. One can take guess into the story by watching the trailer. It follows a funny yet engaging story of a boy who uses several ways to get close to his sister-in-law Ekta (Aliya Naaz.) 

Saali Gharwali Web Series Details 

  • Title – Saali Gharwali Primeshots
  • Director – Yet to Know
  • OTT Release – 2 October 2022
  • Type – Web Series
  • Genre – Drama, Romance, Fantasy
  • Release Date – 2 October 2022
  • Language – Hindi
Saali Gharwali Primeshots Web Series

Saali Gharwali Primeshots Web Series Watch Online

Saali Gharwali web series has Aliya Naaz in the lead role. The trailer has been launched and is available to watch online for all the fans. We get to see a young boy who pays a visit to his soon-to-be wife’s house. He asks them to help him and cure his leg pain by providing a massage therapy session. However, the story takes its turns when he gets rejected for the idea but somehow he manages to make his entry into their house. 

Saali Gharwali web series will be available to watch online on Primeshots app from 2 October 2022 onwards. All you need is to take their subscription and get access to all web series and movies. Earlier, Aaliya Naaz was spotted in Mrs Teacher 2 and Andha Dhundh web series. Saali Gharwali web series is definitely a must-watch for Aliya Naaz fans. 

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