Raytown Animal Shelter Wants Help Find 3 Stolen Dogs

Raytown, Missouri — Midwest Animal ResQ in Raytown, Missouri is asking the public for help finding it. three stolen dogs Saturday morning from the shelter.

Two suspects caught on surveillance video broke into the building on Sept. 3 and took three American bullies with them.

“I know they care for me, so I can’t help but feel that I’m responsible in some way. I’m the custodian of these animals,” said the shelter’s founding director. Erin Morse said. “Just thinking about it makes me angry.”

Morse is concerned about the dogs’ safety, two of which recently had surgery and need follow-up care. Surveillance footage shows surgical cones have been removed from the dogs.

“These dogs need medical care if they tear a seam,” Morse said. “I worry about their well-being and welfare, I worry about retaliation against staff, I worry that it will happen again. I am just amazed at the audacity of it.”

No clues so far, but the Raytown Police Department is helping the shelter identify suspects. , an incident occurred.

And there is reason to believe that a white Hummer may have been involved.

Erin Morse

“People who had asked for information about the animal were driving the car a few days earlier, and the intruders were driving the same, similar vehicles,” Morse said. “I just hope they do the right thing.”

Donations began pouring in from the community to repair the damage caused by the break-in. An off-duty cop comes to help fix the shelter’s fence, but it costs thousands of dollars to adjust the door and door jamb.

“We were overwhelmed. Someone just walked in with a $20 bill to support this cause, and any little help,” Morse said.

Anyone who wants to donate can head to the shelter website.

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