Raveena Primeshots Web Series, Cast, Trailer, Release Date, Watch Online 2022

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Raveena Primeshots Web Series: Primeshots next is Raveena web series. It features the interesting tale of a girl and her modern ways of living life. Being under the care of an overly protected mother, Vanshika goes with different plans and lies to make out with friends. Raveena web series casts Rutuja Sawant in the lead role. Here are the details of the Primeshots web series, cast, crew, actress, trailer, release date, and watch online options.

The web series is originally set in the Hindi language primarily for the North Indian audience. The trailer teaser of Raveena web series has been launched and received moderate responses from the viewers. It will be soon available to watch online after its official release on both the Primeshots app and the website. Some other Primeshots releases include Mrs Teacher 2, Seal 4, Andha Dhundh, Malkin Bhabhi, Nalayak, etc. Raveena web series release date is 20th September 2022.

Raveena Primeshots Web Series Cast

Raveena web series cast Rutuja Sawant as Vanshika, Mridul, and Mummy in the lead role among others. You can watch online all episodes of the web series by taking their subscription. The platform offers high-quality services at a relatively affordable price. 

Here you do not have to wait for long. It is considered one of the best Ullu web series featuring Rutuja Sawant as the smart and playful character Vanshika. The web series will soon be streaming online on the PrimeShots app. 

Raveena Primeshots Web Series, Cast, Trailer, Release Date, Watch Online 2022

Raveena Web Series Release Date

Primeshots is certainly on its way to becoming the best Indian OTT platform, known for

offering high-quality web series at a low price. You can find content based of all different genres ranging from drama, thriller, mystery, romance, and a lot more. 

The Raveena web series is going to release on 20th September. One would need to become a Primeshots premium subscribed user and get access to all of its web series and movies.

Raveena Web Series Trailer

Primeshots has launched the Raveena web series trailer received moderate responses from the fans.  The platform is known for delivering simple yet epic stories and Raveena web

series is likely one of them. The trailer hints at what you can expect from the web series and how strong the characters are.

The web series will follow the story of a young girl named Vanshika and her different

ways of handling her overly protected mother. She likes to go out with friends and wants to have a life of her choice. Before Vanshika, however, the question lies in whether she would be able to achieve such as her mother interfering in every matter. 

Raveena Web Series Story

Raveena web series follows romance, drama, fantasy, mystery, and a dash of erotic. This coming-of-age web series looks even more intriguing than other Primeshots releases. Since it has Rutuja Sawant in the lead, the craze among fans is understandable.

The story begins with Vanshika who is in her mid-twenties. Like other youngsters, she also cares about living an independent and happy life. However, her mother doesn’t like the idea of breaking old social norms and letting her child go freely anywhere.  

The creators of Primeshots Raveena web series have focused to present it as a coming-of-age. They are certainly aware of what this new audience wants. The story may get slower in between but it is definitely go-to-watch web series since Rutuja Sawant is playing the lead role.

Raveena Web Series Details

Title – Raveena

Director – Not

Updated Yet

Genre – Drama,

Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Mystery

Type – Web Series

OTT Release – Primeshots

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Release Date – 20 September 2022

Watch Online Raveena Primeshots Web Series 

The synopsis of the the story is “Vanshika wants to go secretly to a party. She will be having so much fun there, including alcohol, music, her boyfriend, and more. Being over protected and showing concern for the daughter, the mother asks to go along with Vanshika for several reasons. The party goes as their plans and wishes and everything looks normal. The twists fall, however, when the mother asks for a drink and ends up making a relationship with the boy Mridul. Now the question lies whether Vanshika would be able to take control of the situation. Will she accept the new relationship of her mother and Mridul, will she be able to make her friend away from the mother.” 

Raveena Primeshots Web Series, Cast, Trailer, Release Date, Watch Online 2022

Raveena web series is scheduled to release on 20 September on Primeshots app. You need to purchase a Primeshots subscription to watch all the episodes of Raveena web series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Release Date of Raveena Primeshots Web Series?

20 September 2022.

Cast of Raveena Primeshots Web Series?

Rutuja Sawant.

How To Watch Online Raveena Web Series?

You can watch online Raveena web series on the OTT Platform PrimeShots app.

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