Parler rejoins Google Play store after content moderation changes

Parler will be available as early as Friday on Google (goog (goog)) said in a statement. The app was shut down following the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol over concerns it hosted threats of sedition and violence. At the time, Parler lacked a key content management system, including a way for users to report objectionable content and the ability to remove users who violated the app’s terms of service, he said.

Since then, Parler has added missing tools, improved content moderation, and paved the way for its return to Google’s official app marketplace, Google says.

A Google spokesperson said, “Apps can appear on Google Play as long as they comply with Google Play’s developer policies.” “All apps on Google Play that feature user-generated content (UGC) will ban offensive content, provide an in-app system for reporting offensive UGC, and respond to that UGC where appropriate. You should take action and implement robust moderation practices to remove or block abuse users who violate your app’s terms of service and/or user policies.”

Parlor’s recovery was first reported by Axios.

Parler said Friday it had been working “constantly” in recent months to upgrade the system, adding that it was restored to Apple’s app store more than a year ago. You can install it directly, but this is a process called “sideloading”. However, it cannot be downloaded from Google’s proprietary app store.

Parler Chief Technology Officer Samuel Lipoff said in a statement: “While away from Google Play, we have worked hard to build a more feature-rich and dynamic user experience. It’s a great opportunity to rediscover our platform!”

The decision to revive Parlor comes after Truth Social, a Twitter-like app backed by former President Donald Trump, could not be offered on the Google Play store because it did not meet the platform’s content moderation standards. It came just days after Google announced it.

A person familiar with the matter told CNN on Friday that Truth Social is working “very aggressively” to improve its moderation system and comply with Google’s requirements, and will have the app ready for review in days or weeks. He said he aims to submit a new version of


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