Opinion: The person Roberts should be held responsible for the court’s loss of “legitimacy” is:

But Roberts, whom President George W. Bush nominated to the court, added:

The Chief Justice is absolutely right to be concerned that Americans have lost faith in the Supreme Court. June Gallup Poll A record low 25% of respondents say they trust the courts, down from 40% two years ago.

But the hard truth is that Roberts must blame himself and his five conservative justices for losing faith in the Supreme Court.

Conservative judges’ rulings on controversial issues such as abortion, climate change regulation, and gun control laws felt more like rulings from the Republican National Committee than the Supreme Court.

The most obvious partisan decision Overthrowing the Roe v. Wade Caseending the constitutional rights guaranteed to women since 1973. Roberts voted to support the Mississippi ban Abortion after 15 weeks of gestation did not join his conservative colleagues In Roe’s reversal judgment, almost two-thirds of Americans According to a July CNN poll, they disagree.
According to P.New research center poll, the High Court approval rating has fallen from 70% in 2020 to 48% this year. This is Pugh’s lowest since he began tracking court approval in 1987. Reasons for the court’s sharp decline in the eyes of Americans.
In the same week the Supreme Court ruled that states should decide whether women have a fundamental right to control their bodies, six conservative justices, including Roberts, Repeals a 100-year-old New York state law This has required those willing to carry concealed weapons to meet additional requirements designed to reduce gun violence.
The decision was made just a few weeks later Buffalo shooting incidentNew York, which caused 10 deaths and in July CNN poll 66% of Americans want stricter gun control laws, up from 60% in 2019. The apparent discrepancy with public perception of these decisions led many to believe that conservative judges were making politically-based decisions. not the law.
The same is true of court rulings on matters related to religion. pair of rulings This pitted six conservative justices, including Roberts, against three liberal justices.One Case Determined Maine Can Use Tax money to support private schools A place where religious education is taught.Opposite side public high school coachdetermined that he had Constitutionally protected right to praysometimes with team members and bystanders on the football field after the game is over.
Supreme Court gun ruling is conservative victory over common sense
These same six conservative Supreme Court justices limited the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency Broadly regulating carbon emissions from existing power plants was seen as a victory for Republicans, who have long opposed climate-related regulations, and a loss for the Biden administration. Roberts wrote that decision himself.
Two more 6-3 rulings won by conservatives this quarter limit the protection of criminal defendants while making it difficult to hold police accountability To violate an individual’s constitutional rights.
This all helps explain Recent Pew Poll Only 28% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents view the Supreme Court favorably, compared to 73% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who had a favorable opinion of the Supreme Court. represents the largest partisan gap in court opinion in Pew’s 35 years of conducting this poll.

If Roberts wants to improve the legitimacy of the court, he should turn to his fellow conservative judges. He shouldn’t be paying attention to the millions of Americans who rightly see the 6-3 Conservative Court as just part of the Republican Party.

Aside from that, the Attorney General shouldn’t be surprised if a future Democratic-controlled Congress reforms and even expands the Supreme Court.

Source: www.cnn.com

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