Nollywood Actor Kunle Afod calls for prayers for his wife, Desola, amidst a marital crisis.

Nollywood Actor Kunle Afod asks for prayers for his wife, Desola Afod, as their marital crisis worsens.

The actor currently in Los Angeles took to Instagram to share photo of himself and his girlfriend. 

He expressed his love for his woman and asked his fans to pray for her.

“Together forever @desolaafod. They said you said. They called to say. Them say them say what you did not say. What I did not say. He who tries to see the blink of a crab. I will surely stay forever at the riverside.

Dede, I love you so much. You guys should help me pray for my opomulero. She’s so loving and hardworking”.

Desola Afod, Kunle Afod’s wife, denies rumors of a marital crisis. However, the mother of four sons posted a video of herself face-timing with her husband.

The good news was joyous as fans rejoiced in her comment section. Desola Afod, the self-proclaimed celebrity wife of actor Kunle Afod, has responded to marital crisis rumors.

 Debunked divorce rumors on Instagram, posting a video of herself face-timing her husband. A love song was playing in the background of the video.

The good news was joyous as fans rejoiced in her comment section. However, many people were taken aback when Desola Afod hinted at divorce from her husband early this morning.

Following the tragic news, Nigerians unearthed a cryptic post, which the mother of five shared just hours ago.

Desola stated in one of her posts that manipulation occurs when you are blamed for your reaction to their disrespect. “Manipulation is when they blame you for their disrespectful behavior.”

She advised me on how to be good enough to forgive someone in another. However, one should not be foolish enough to trust them again. “Be kind enough to forgive someone but not foolish enough to trust them again.”

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