Nishi High School freshman gets hole-in-one at first high school golf tournament

Iowa City, Iowa (KCRG) – Iowa City West freshman Jack Jensen Fitzpatrick got off to a rocky start in his first high school golf tournament at the Airport National.

“Not ideal,” explained Jensen-Fitzpatrick. “I’ll take it, but I wanted to do better. Then I got up and hit a great shot.”

“Great shot” is an understatement. Jack teed the ball at his 233-yard par-4 21st hole and hit a perfect drive.

“I actually said to a buddy I was playing with, ‘Watch me make this hole-in-one,’” said Jensen-Fitzpatrick. “Actually, I didn’t see it when I got on the green.”

He scored an ace in his first high school golf tournament.

“I saw it in the hole and I was helpless. I screamed it and I think everyone heard it. I thought I was dreaming.”

The odds of getting a hole-in 1 on a par 4 are very rare.

“From what we’ve seen, according to the PGA, that’s 1.6 million and only one PGA pro has made it,” Jensen-Fitzpatrick said. “It’s a short hole, but I think we got lucky.”

So how do you celebrate after hitting a hole-in-one in your first high school competition?

“I bought root beer for my team and other teams,” he said. “It will be a day I will never forget.”


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