New Milford Women, Nationwide Gun Rights Groups File Lawsuits to Challenge Assault Weapons Ban

Hartford, Conn. (WFSB) – The New Milford Women’s and National Gun Rights Group has issued a statement to several high-ranking Connecticut officials, including the governor of Connecticut, the state’s chief attorney, and the Litchfield Judiciary District Attorney. filed a lawsuit.

Court records show the woman claims her constitutional rights have been violated because of the state’s strict gun laws.

A federal lawsuit mentions a New Milford woman carrying a gun and a magazine.

She also said she fears getting caught in the law because her products are illegal in Connecticut.

Tonight, state officials say the woman was recruited by militants.

The National Foundation for Gun Rights says they have filed five lawsuits nationwide with the aim of ending the ban on magazines and assault weapons.

Connecticut is one of their targets.

“Assault weapons are illegal in Connecticut, high-capacity magazines are illegal in Connecticut, and ghost guns are illegal here in Connecticut,” said Attorney General William Tong.

Now this gun rights group and Patricia of New Milford want to change that.

According to a lawsuit filed against a senior state official, Patricia has admitted to owning a semi-automatic firearm that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition and a magazine, all of which she keeps near her home.

Patricia fears criminal prosecution because she claims her Second Amendment rights have been violated and plans to keep all weapons.

“The last few days I’ve seen solicitations by extremist groups looking for plaintiffs to file lawsuits in Connecticut. So this is manufactured by someone out of state,” Tong said.

Attorney General William Tong believes Patricia was recruited by a gun rights group.

He says it’s part of a plan to attack tough gun laws after the Supreme Court overturned New York law this summer.

Attorney General Tong said the CT law is constitutional.

“Personally, I would feel bad for someone so far from Connecticut to come here and try to change our laws. Ton.

“Connecticut’s law banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines was adopted as part of a bipartisan effort to prevent needless tragedy,” Governor Ned Lamont said in a statement. We have the overwhelming support of the people who live here.”

Channel 3 reached out to Patricia and her legal team but did not receive a formal response.

Court records show state officials have 21 days to submit a response.


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