Millions face flash flood warnings and surveillance in Northeast

More than 50 million people were under flood watch by the end of Tuesday. This means that flooding is possible and people stay vigilant. Cities under surveillance include Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Flash flood warnings were issued to millions of people in parts of Connecticut and Pennsylvania on Tuesday morning. This meant that some places were already flooded.

“Flash floods are ongoing or expected to begin soon,” especially in Central Middlesex and Central Haven counties, the National Weather Service said.

Flash floods are also possible in West Virginia and the Central Appalachian Mountains, according to the Center for Weather Forecasting.

All of this heavy rain is part of the same storm system that flooded parts of Georgia on Sunday and brought extreme rain to the Appalachians and the Northeast on Monday.

The storm system will produce an area of ​​low pressure off the mid-Atlantic coast during the day on Tuesday, with more heavy rain in the afternoon.

“This will make areas from northern Delaware to southeastern New York to southern New England the wettest areas,” said the Prediction Center.

“Intense rainfall rates during relatively slow-moving thunderstorms could lead to sporadic flash floods from southern New England to the Delmarva Peninsula, including major cities on Interstate 95 from Boston to Philadelphia. There is,” said the center.

We already have 1 to 3 inches of rain in the area. According to the National Weather Service, an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain is expected, and more in some areas, causing flooding concerns.


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