Maren Morris raises $150,000 for transgender youth after Tucker Carlson insults


Fox’s Tucker Carlson called country star Maren Morris a “madman” after defending transgender children.

Morris has partnered with GLAAD, the world’s largest. LGBTQ media advocacy group Trans Lifeline release shirt Adorned with the words “Lunatic Country Music Person”.

Proceeds from the shirt will go to GLAAD’s transgender media program and a hotline for transgender youth at risk to help transgender people in need, according to a statement shared with CNN. Donated to Trans Lifeline for micro grants and support.

Carlson called Morris a “crazy country music guy”. Country singer Jason Aldean Wife, Brittany Kar Aldean.

“I really appreciate my parents for not changing my gender during my tomboyhood. I love this girly life,” Aldean wrote in the caption. Makeup video posted on Instagram.

“I’m glad they didn’t either. You and I wouldn’t have gotten along,” her Grammy-winning husband said in a statement.

Coming soon, a singer from the same country Cassady Pope Tweet criticism of Brittany Karr Aldean, write in“Celebrities with beauty brands will see positives in including LGBTQ+ people in their messages.”

Morris jumped in In support of the Pope, he writes: We condemn people who are transphobic and find it funny. That’s not it. ”

Aldean said her words were taken out of context and seemed to respond to backlash. her own trainer With the text “Don’t step on our children.”revenue is operation light shinecombating human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

The exchange was a clear reference to the ongoing battle over the ability of transgender youth to access gender affirming careIn August, Boston Children’s Hospital reported: had been severely threatened Because of misinformation about having genital surgery performed on young children. Approved by major medical associations, Including the American Medical Association and the Children’s Hospital Association.

“By speaking publicly in support of country music superstars and trans youth, Maren Morris is connecting with audiences less familiar with the transgender community and the current wave of attacks on trans rights. Can communicate and flair in organizational statements.

“She will use her platform and influence to spark conversations that have the potential to change minds and hearts, as well as raise significant funds that go directly into the work of GLAAD and Trans Lifeline to help the trans community. Helping the trans community when they need help. Ever.”


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