Louis Gaumert: Republican Rep. presents flag to U.S. Capitol to convicted mob on Jan. 6

Gomaert, a Trump ally who previously pushed an uncovered conspiracy over the Jan. 6, 2021 uprising, met Dr. Simone Gold, who was released from federal prison in Miami on Friday, and was hoisted over the Capitol. gave her a flag and an official certificate.and Statement issued on FridayGomart falsely claimed that Gold was a “political prisoner”. Many supporters of former President Donald Trump used for to describe inaccurately Defendant prosecution and imprisonment on January 6.

“Dr. Gold defines what a political prisoner looks like. I never thought I’d see it here in the United States,” said Gomert.

The day before January 6, Gold spoke at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, DC, further disseminating vaccine misinformation. The next day, she joins a mob group to force past police officers and storm through the United States Capitol. She later spoke through a megaphone to a mob of her fellows gathered in Statuary Hall.

At the sentencing hearing in June, U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper accused Gold of “leaving people with the misconception that this was a political prosecution.” sentenced her to 60 days in prison after pleading guilty to

According to a statement released by Gomert’s office on Friday, he is “to celebrate her irreplaceable work and contributions to public health, medical freedom, and our God-given constitutional rights.” I gave Gold a flag.

According to a photo of the flag’s presentation posted on Gold’s Twitter account, the certificate presented with the flag “commemorates the beginning of the rest of (Gold’s) irreplaceable life…a great thanks, admiration, “With reverence,” he said.

Gohmert plans to step down from the House of Representatives at the end of his term next year. failed execution For the Texas Attorney General, he is one of the most vocal promoters of the January 6 conspiracy. He is also a member of the House Republican group. went to defense of some people prosecuted in connection with the riots.
“I am honored to receive such recognition from Congressman Gohmert, a true believer in freedom and a staunch defender of constitutional rights,” Gold said. said via Twitter.
The U.S. Capitol Architects, who are responsible for maintaining the U.S. Capitol grounds, provide members of Congress with official flags to be flown over the Capitol upon request. “On average, he responds to over 100,000 flag requests each year” from lawmakers, the office said. According to its website.

Gold is one of more than 125 Capitol mobsters sentenced to jail or jail after being convicted of related crimes on Jan. 6. Nearly 875 people nationwide have been indicted by the Justice Department.

Source: www.cnn.com

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