Lady Finger Ullu Web Series Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

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Lady Finger Ullu Web Series: Ullu app has announced to release of its next web series titled Lady Finger. The web series follows the twisted story of a young man and his illicit ways of living life. After getting no fun from one’s married life, the young man plans to go differently and tries everything to get a divorce from his Wife. Filled with lots of twists and turns, the Lady Finger web series depicts the inner reality of modern society. Lady Finger web series cast Aayushi Jaiswal in the lead role.

Talking Ullu app has now become one of the most-visited Indian OTT platforms. Here, you’ll find web series and movies of all different genres ranging from drama, romance, and fantasy to crime, thriller, and suspense. Lady Finger web series release date is 4 October 2022. The creators have now tried to bring more audience engagement by adding a little pinch of LGBTQIA love story. Set in the urban colony of India, Lady Finger web series is something that assures to give you more than the other ones.

Since Lady Finger web series has Aayushi Jaiswal in the lead role, one can expect to get so much from the web series that includes bold acting and stunning beauty. Earlier, Ullu app came up with the release of Charmsukh Tapan 2, Shahad 2, Siskiyaan, Palang Tod web series, and Charmsukh web series where they all got a huge response from the fans. Now the same is true with the Lady Finger web series as it is an Ullu original production.

Web Series Cast

  • Aayushi Jaiswal

Lady Finger Web Series Release Date

Lady Finger web series release date is 4 October 2022. It is one of the most-awaited Ullu web series that took relatively a long time for getting its launch. To watch all the episodes, you must take their subscription to get access.

Recently, Lady Finger web series trailer was launched and received quite a good response from the audience. Ullu app is now making several changes and trying to give more to its fans. They might haven’t expected to get another web series in just one week.

Lady Finger Web Series Details

  • Title – Lady Finger Ullu Series
  • Director – Yet to Know
  • Cast – Aayushi Jaiswal
  • Type – Web Series
  • OTT Release – ULLU
  • Language – Hindi
  • Release Date – 4 October 2022
  • Country – India

Lady Finger Web Series Watch Online Ullu app

The trailer gives some hints of what we can expect from the Lady Finger web series. It begins with the main character Wife (Aayushi Jaiswal) discussing with her female friend. The wife tells her friend about her harsh relationships with the husband. She doubts if he is cheating on her and planning something that might end their relationship. The female friend promises the wife to help her by getting close to the husband and know the truth.

Lady Finger Ullu Web Series Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

But things will not go to their plan. The wife will have to make several sacrifices to know what his husband is hiding. You’ll have to watch the complete series to know what happens when the husband becomes aware of their plan. The Lady Finger web series will be available to watch online on Ullu app from 4 October 2022 onwards. The lead actress Aayushi Jaiswal has shared her amazing screen time presence. Here, the viewers can expect to get drama, romance, and suspense with a dash of erotic. Lady Finger web series is something that every Ullu app fan will never miss.

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