Labor Day 2022: What’s Open and What’s Closed

New York

Recognizing the many contributions workers have made to America’s prosperity, Labor Day also informally marks the end of summer on the first Monday in September.

While many Americans across the country are celebrating the long weekend, it can be confusing to figure out what’s open and what’s closed to observe the holiday on Monday, September 5. .

Below are the companies and institutions that will be open and closed.

Most major retailers will be open including Walmart, Target, CVS and major grocery stores like Kroger and Trader Joe’s. Notably, wholesale retailer Costco is closed on Mondays. Check with local businesses to see if they are closed to celebrate the holidays.

Federal offices, government buildings and post offices will be closed on Monday. State and local courts and his DMV offices will not operate.

Labor Day is a public holiday, so most banks are closed, but online banking and ATMs are available. The stock market will not trade, and the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq will darken.

USPS will be closed on Mondays. UPS will not work either, but Express Critical service is available. Most FedEx services will be closed, but custom critical services will remain operational.


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