Jayland Walker’s family urges city of Akron to stop ‘re-traumatizing’ them following release of further police body-cam video of fatal shooting

In a statement Friday, the Walker family said through its lawyers that the city of Akron “committed to release” additional police body camera videos to legal teams “in a timely manner.”

“Now, two months after Jayland’s death, we have received a selection of videos that the city has also released to the media to build their own story about Jayland’s death.

“We urge the City to stop re-traumatizing the Walker family by dropping repeatedly edited videos and to release all unedited videos to attorneys as one comprehensive collection. ‘ said the statement.

The video, obtained by CNN through a Freedom of Information Act request, was heavily redacted when it was released by Akron city officials on Friday. Twenty-four video clips show more than four hours of shooting and its aftermath.

Each video has several sections where the video is blurry or blacked out and/or the audio is muted. In a statement accompanying the video clip, the city of Akron told CNN, “The officers’ names and identifying information have been redacted, including information that is closely related to their identities.”

The statement cites Ohio law allowing the redaction of officers’ names and identifying information, as well as photographs of officers. Possible threat.

CNN has reached out to Akron Police and Akron City officials for comment on the family’s statement. CNN has also reached out to police and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office of Criminal Investigation for comment on the newly released video, but has yet to receive a response.

What the body cam video shows

In the week following the shooting, police released 13 videos from police body cameras. Eight of his videos are of officers directly involved in the shooting, and five of his are videos of officers who were at the scene. The video was released in accordance with a new city ordinance requiring video footage documenting active police force to be released within seven days of the incident. These videos ended shortly after gunshots were fired.

On Friday, CNN received 24 videos showing the shooting and its immediate aftermath. In some, a barrage of gunfire is heard for about seven to eight seconds, followed by officers trying to determine if Walker is armed. Several police officers point their weapons at his body. Walker appears in at least one video to raise his hand toward his chest before officers approach him and run him over to handcuff him.

An autopsy revealed that Walker had 46 gunshot or graze wounds. The Ohio Criminal Investigative Service was investigating, and eight officers were on leave at the time.

“Can anyone see the gun?” One officer is heard repeatedly yelling as a group of officers still stand with guns aimed at Walker. “Where’s the weapon?” can be heard asking in some videos.

“I don’t know, I can’t see,” another officer replied. “Okay, we gotta go in and put the cuff on,” another officer said. A group of officers then move on to Walker and hand him over to the front. Some can be heard doing first aid. The officer screams for light and demands a tourniquet and gauze. Some have described several of the locations of the gunshot wounds on Walker’s body, including his face, neck, back, chest, and back.

The body camera video released Friday has been heavily edited.

“Is he still breathing?” asks a policeman. “No,” says one cop. “I don’t know,” answers another. Moments later, officers say they cannot find his pulse.

Weeks after the shootings, Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett said the policy of CNN affiliate WEWS division meant that suspects could continue to pose a threat, so after all shootings involving officers. , said it was mandatory to handcuff the suspect. The chief acknowledged that the policy needs to be reviewed.

A week after the shooting, Mylett said eight officers opened fire after a vehicle chase and a short foot chase.

Walker was unarmed at the time of the shooting. A handgun and a loaded magazine were found in Walker’s car after the shooting, police said. Officers said Walker fired a gun from his car during a car chase.

'Don't normalize this': Jayland Walker's funeral takes place after weeks of protests in Akron over police shootings

None of the videos released to CNN show the inside of Walker’s car. Some even show police setting their sights on the car after Walker is shot.

In one video, a group of police officers approach a car with their weapons drawn. “The vehicle is fine,” said one officer after peering through the passenger window.

Another clip shows a policeman yelling for someone to stay by the car. “There’s a gun in there,” says one officer. “Yeah, just leave it alone,” replies the officer.

Another video appears to have captured the perspective of the police supervisor directing the scene that night. Approximately 1 minute and 28 seconds after the shot was fired, the officers approached the walker crowd.

“Whoever shot me, please come here for me,” says the officer. “Hey, let’s make sure everyone’s okay, take a deep breath, and start thinking, okay?”

Although much of the video frame is blurry, the bottom third of the screen shows a group of police officers walking away from where Walker is receiving first aid. It is not clear whether the officers evacuated separately or together.

Why did Ohio cops handcuff Jayland Walker after he shot him dozens of times?

A few minutes later, the Overseer returns to where Walker is on the ground and says, “Listen, was anyone actually involved in the shot?” Another officer says, “No.” The officer then talks about collecting body-worn cameras.

Another video shows another officer working to isolate the police who shot Walker from each other. “Were you guys involved? Were they involved? They need to be quarantined. Here I’ll walk with you.”

At a press conference a week after the shooting, Maylett said the officers were “immediately quarantined” pending an investigation into the shooting in which they were involved.

At one point, a body camera captures a group of police officers gathering in a circle near a parked police car.

The video is muted and faces are blurry. It is impossible to understand what was being discussed or whether the group included any of the eight officers involved in the shooting.

Walker’s family attorney Bobby DiCero said it was videos like that that haunted him. I am concerned that it is off,” he said. “It is unreasonable to strip videos of their value at this point,” he said.

DiCello reiterated the Walker family’s desire to receive an unedited version of the police body-worn camera video.

The Akron Beacon Journal, which sought the release of the video under a city law requiring police to post videos of incidents in which police used deadly force, first reported the contents of the new video last week. Did.

CNN’s Kimberly Berryman, Zenebou Sylla, Liam Reilly, and Isa Kaufman Geballe contributed to this report.

Source: www.cnn.com

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