Importance of LPG Conversion Kits for Cars

What is an LPG conversion kit?

An LPG conversion kit is a set of hardware that allows your vehicle to run on LPG instead of petrol or diesel. It contains an adapter that connects the carburetor to the fuel tank, a gas regulator to control flow and pressure, a fuel line from the tank to the engine, and other parts like switches and safety valves.

How does an LPG conversion kit work?

LPG kits are fairly simple devices which convert the engine in a similar way to how turbochargers work. They do so by using the same principle as turbochargers but without increasing power or torque. Instead, they allow you to run on a lower octane fuel while still maintaining performance levels. This is possible because the lower octane number fuels used in these kits produce less heat than regular petrol or diesel, which means that they can be used in cars without having any adverse effects on performance or efficiency.

Why is it important to install a LPG conversion kit for cars?

You might be wondering why it’s important to install a LPG conversion kit for your car. There are many benefits of using LPG as a fuel source, and we’ve listed them below:


LPG gives you more power than petrol, which means better acceleration and higher top speed. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to report that their cars perform better on LPG than on petrol.


Because LPG is cheaper than petrol, you can save money by converting your car to use it instead. You’ll also save money on tax because the rate is lower for LPG than for petrol.


Switching from petrol to LPG reduces emissions by up to 50%. This makes it a great option for those who want to protect our environment but don’t want to compromise on performance or economy when driving their car!


LPG tanks are refillable at any garage that sells gas bottles, making refuelling easy and convenient. You can even fill up at home if you have an adapter fitted onto your valve (which you don’t need with a full conversion kit).

How much does it cost to get an LPG conversion kit installed in your car?

The cost to install an LPG conversion kit in your car will depend on the type of car you have. A petrol engine is more expensive to convert than a diesel engine, and a larger car will also be more expensive than a smaller one.

The average cost of converting a small car (4 cylinder) is around $3,000 and for bigger cars it can go up to $7,000.

There are some additional costs that might come up during installation of an LPG conversion kit that you should consider before getting one installed:

LPG tank – You will need to have an extra gas tank installed in your vehicle because the original tank cannot be used with LPG

Fuel lines – If you are getting a new fuel line fitted then there will be additional costs for this as well as any other parts needed for the installation

Installation – The cost of labor varies depending on where you live and what kind of job needs doing

Are there any negatives to installing a LPG conversion kit in your car?

Yes, there are some negatives associated with converting your vehicle from petrol to LPG. The first is that if you’re using the wrong kind of fuel, then the engine will not run properly because the compression ratio will be incorrect. The second problem is that if you don’t install an anti-lag system or an air injection system, then the fuel will get too hot and this can damage your engine over time.

The third issue that you might run into is that if the car doesn’t have enough power for all of its components, then it may overheat or break down completely due to lack of power from the engine itself.


If you’re thinking of installing LPG fuel in your car, your best bet would be to follow a professional DIY video if you don’t have any experience with this sort of thing. You can find all kinds of videos on the Internet, so just do a simple search for “LPG conversion kit” and see what kind of information you get. The professionals will always give you the most detailed and accurate instructions for your installation, and following along with them step by step will ensure that you get it right.

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