Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump should be treated as another citizen in DOJ investigation

“He’s not the president, and there are some special exceptions for people who are actually in office. So, like any other American, if there’s evidence, it should be pursued.” I think,” Clinton told CNN’s Dana Bash. “Union status.”

“But I know it’s not an easy decision. So I don’t want to impose my opinion on that difficult calculation, because I don’t know all the facts. Jump to conclusions.” Unlike people, I don’t want to, but if the evidence proves or appears to show that there are charges that should be leveled, then the rule of law should apply to everyone. I think,” Clinton said.

FBI executed a search warrant last month Seized 11,000 documents, including over 100 classified government records, at Mar-a-Lago, a former presidential residence and resort in Florida.On Friday, in the latest courtroom of a historic criminal investigation, the DOJ and Trump’s attorneys submitted each candidate Acting as a “special master” to review material seized from Mar-a-Lago, and offering very different suggestions on how the process might work.
Clinton, who lost to trump During the 2016 presidential election, she said on Sunday, “We can’t predict what the Justice Department will do at the end of the investigation, but it’s important for our country to hold people accountable.

“Both as Secretary of State and as a citizen, I have answered every question. It has never been asked. I have testified for 11 hours. I’ve been involved in anything, trying to answer any kind of question.

Clinton faced scrutiny during 2016 presidential election about using her private mail server She is the secretary of state and may have knowingly mishandled classified information.Ann Investigation by the State Department In the controversy surrounding her emails, it found there was no “compelling evidence” that classified information had been widely mishandled. Clinton was also admitted to her two wrongdoings by the FBI during the campaign.

still waiting for briefing

In a separate interview on Sunday’s State of the Union address, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner told Bash he had yet to be briefed on the potential damage from Trump’s mishandling of classified documents. .

A Virginia Democrat noted a possible briefing was delayed due to a special master request, saying, “We haven’t been briefed.” I look forward to receiving it.”

I was asked about comments made by Senate Intelligence Vice-Chairman Marco Rubio about the seizure of documents in Mar-a-Lago. Represents just a “storage argument”. Warner claimed that “everyone on the Intelligence Committee” understood the importance of the investigation, noting that he and Rubio had jointly requested a damage assessment.
and recent interview Speaking on Miami television, Rubio downplayed the seriousness of the Justice Department’s investigation, saying, “I don’t think the dispute over document custody deserves what they did – a full-scale raid.” .

CNN’s Marshall Cohen, Kevin Vaughn, and Stephen Collinson contributed to this report.

Source: www.cnn.com

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