Fox’s William Barr says there is no good reason for classified documents to be in Mar-a-Lago.

“No. I can’t think of a good reason why they would be removed from the government if they were classified,” Barr said of the documents found at former President Donald Trump’s Florida resort.

“Frankly, I’m skeptical of that claim. [Trump] We’ve declassified everything,” Barr added.

“Frankly, I think it’s very unlikely, and secondly, if in fact he had stopped lots of boxesNot really knowing what’s in it and saying ‘we’re declassifying everything in here’ is such abuse and shows such recklessness than getting the documents. Almost bad,” he said.

Barr also rejected criticism that the FBI’s investigation was wrong because it was “unprecedented”.

“I think what was driving this from the beginning was the large amount of classified information that was put on Mar-a-Lago. [raid] It was unprecedented — well, it’s also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put it in a country club,” Barr said.

“And how long is the government going to try to get it back? to show that they were being jerked,” he added. “So how long are you waiting?”

Asked about his stance on Trump’s request for a special master to review documents related to the FBI investigation in Mar-a-Lago, Barr called the idea a “red herring” and a “waste of time.” called.

“I think the idea of ​​a special master is a bit of a herring,” Barr said, adding, “At this stage, they’re already going through paperwork, so I think it’s a waste of time.”

Barr said he had “legitimate concerns” about protecting documents that could be related to Trump’s correspondence with his private lawyers, but said it “doesn’t seem to be the majority.” , said, “I don’t know if a special master is needed to identify it.”

“What people miss is that all other documents taken belong to the government because they are government records, even if they claim to be executive prerogative. still belongs to the government and has access to the archives,” he added.


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