Elijah McClain Autopsy Revised Due to Grand Jury Evidence, Coroner Won’t Release New Report

However, she said she could not release the amended report because she would have to file a court order and affidavit in January 2021 and is barred from revealing information from the grand jury. .

“I have been informed by the Attorney General’s Office that the amended autopsy report contains confidential information that is subject to a court order and my affidavit,” Bronxia Jordan said in a statement.

In August 2019, 23-year-old McClane was walking home from the store When he was arrested by Aurora police officers who answered a “suspicious person”‘s call. Police said McClain resisted and he was placed in carotid detention. diagnosed to “excited delirium” given a strong sedative KetamineHe had a heart attack on his way to the hospital. Three days later he was declared brain dead.

The original autopsy report listed McClane’s cause of death as “undetermined.” The coroner’s office has not disclosed when it received the evidence that prompted the change in autopsy, and it is unclear when the autopsy report was amended.

The Department of Justice restricts the use of chokeholds and
Three Aurora police officers and two paramedics have been charged with manslaughter and manslaughter. 2021, The city settled the civil rights lawsuit After filing a $15 million lawsuit with the McClane family, the Aurora Police and Fire Department agreed to a consent order to address patterns of racial bias uncovered in state investigations.

Broncucia-Jordan said her hands were “tied” by a judge’s order, but hopes to release the report in the future. “If the court gives us permission to release the autopsy report, we will be happy to do so,” she said in a statement.

Source: www.cnn.com

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