Donald Trump has repeatedly called for lengthy prison sentences for those who claim he mishandled classified information

CNN’s KFile reviewed the former president’s comments dating back to his first presidential campaign in 2016, from speeches, interviews and social media comments.

The former president could be in legal jeopardy after more than 100 classified documents were found in the Justice Department’s search of the Mar-a-Lago residence last month. DOJ claims The U.S. government documents were “likely hidden and removed” from vaults at a Florida resort as part of an effort to “obstruct” the FBI’s investigation. Over 320 classified documents were recovered from Mar-a-Lago, including over 100 that were searched.

In 2016, then-candidate Trump repeatedly said of the government’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton for crimes related to investigations into her handling of classified materials and use of private email servers when she was Secretary of State. His administration has promised to strictly enforce all rules regarding classified information.

Trump: “When it comes to corruption, I will restore the honor of the government” stated in August 2016“In my administration, I will enforce all laws regarding the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”
“One of the first things we have to do is enforce all classification rules and enforce all laws related to handling classified information,” he said. Said September 2016.
In July of the same year, Trump Said Clinton’s mistreatment “disqualified” her from official duties.

“Public officials involved in this type of conduct will be barred from handling classified information,” Trump said. “Again, that alone disqualifies her.”

Clinton wasn’t the only person Trump criticized, he repeatedly called for other opponents to be jailed for mishandling classified documents.

In 2017, when calls between Trump and foreign governments were leaked, communication Between incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and foreign governments, Trump suggested that those responsible for the leaks should go to jail.
Trump: ‘That’s the most secret thing’ Said“It’s classified. It’s classified. If you publish stuff like that, you’ll go to jail.”
Trump too Said Former FBI Director James Comey has argued several times that Comey should be “indicted” in tweets pushing baseless accusations of disclosing classified information. DOJ Inspector general report found “There is no evidence that Comey or his attorneys disclosed confidential information contained in the memo to members of the media.” IG’s office referred the findings of its report to the Department of Justice, which could prosecute. and prosecutors declined to prosecute.
“He leaked confidential information that should have been prosecuted.” 1 Trump tweeted in April 2018, another Comey said he should be in jail.

Trump has also repeatedly pushed for the prosecution of former national security adviser John Bolton. After the publication of “The Room Where It Happened,” a memoir of Mr. Bolton during the Trump administration, Mr. Trump said the book contained classified information.

Federal Judge Involved in One of the Bolton Cases I found it He said his book likely endangered national security, but the judge also dismissed attempts by the Trump administration to block its publication.

In 2020, Trump told Fox News that Bolton should be in prison for “many years” for publishing his memoir.

“Classified information. He should go to jail for years.” trump said.

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Trump again called for Bolton’s imprisonment.

“Here’s what he did: He released classified information, highly classified information, classified information, all different categories,” Trump said. Said“John Bolton should never have been allowed to do that. You know, a young sailor who sent home pictures to his mother and others. They would go to jail for a long time.” And it was never as important or as important as John Bolton.”
playing cards murmured In June 2020, Bolton was “washed out” until Trump hired him.

“I brought him back and gave him a chance,” the tweet read.[He] You broke the law by releasing a large amount of confidential information. He must pay a very heavy price for this, as others have had before him. This must never happen again!!!”

Trump then Said In an interview with Brian Kilmeade, he said that even if Bolton unknowingly leaked information about his book, “he should go to jail.”
Justice Department investigation into Bolton Removed in 2021and he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” last year that his book “went through a pre-publication review process” and was “hardly cleared by the team of experts who reviewed it.” .
For his part, the former president claimed He declassified all documents seized in the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, saying in a statement, “Documents removed from the Oval Office and brought into the residence are considered declassified. He claimed to have a “permanent order” that The moment he removed them. ”
of Search warrant lifted The Department of Justice has identified three possible violations of laws, none of which depend solely on whether information is classified.
and Court submission On Tuesday night, the Justice Department claimed that government documents were also “likely concealed and removed” from Mar-a-Lago vaults as part of an effort to “obstruct” the FBI’s investigation. Trump’s Possibility of mishandling confidential material.
In contrast, Mr Trump Admitted The discovery of classified material at Mar-a-Lago in January was not cause for alarm and should not have led to a raid on Trump’s Florida residence earlier this month.


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