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Dangerous Date DreamFilms Web Series Watch Online: DreamFilms app’s new web series titled Dangerous Date has been released on the platform. The web series narrates the twisting and interesting story about online dating. Two girls who meet a boy soon hijack his place and demand several things. It is such an engaging web series by the platform that offers some blow-to-the-mind content. Dangerous Date web series release date is 23 September 2022.

Directed by Sagar Kumar, viewers can expect to get an interesting watch experience. It has 3 episodes in total and the content length is of about 30 minutes each. Dangerous Date web series cast Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh in the lead roles.

Talking DreamFilms app’s other web series include Paap featuring Priya Gamre, Raaz, Laalach, Tu Chai Mai Koffee, Thief, Bhookh, and others. All of them received a huge response from the audience and shared lots of love and likes for these web series. Now the same is expected from Dangerous Date web series as it follows a unique storyline and features two renowned actresses, Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh.

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Dangerous Date Web Series Plot

The plot revolves around a bachelor boy and his interaction with online dating girls. The story begins with the boy who meets a stranger girl (Pooja Poddar) via an online dating app. being aware of her intention, the girl plans to hijack his house after their first one-night stand. However, she involves her female friend (Leena Singh) to get their plan successful and gain everything they can.

The Dangerous Date web series is an unofficial remake of the Hollywood movie Knock Knock. DreamFilms has this time tried to change its content strategy by following a different way. the lead actresses Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh both have given their stunning performances. One may expect to get so much from the web series including drama, romance, thriller, and fantasy.

Dangerous Date Web Series Cast

  • Pooja Poddar
  • Sohail Shaikh
  • Leena Singh
Dangerous Date DreamFilms Web Series Watch Online

Dangerous Date Web Series Reviews And Interesting To Watch 

Dangerous Date web series has two leading actresses in the lead, Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh. They have shared an amazing screen time presence with their bold acting and captivating beauty. Viewers might get hooked till the end of the series since it is a DreamFilms release.

Anyone can watch online Dangerous Date web series all episodes on DreamFilms app. It just asks for their subscription and gets access to all web series and movies. The two lead actresses have shared erotic scenes with all the actors in the web series. In particular, when Shoail Shaikh reaches Pooja Poddar’s shorts while Leena Singh sticking lips with her is beyond imagination.

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