Cyber Data Hub Referral Contest 2022

Cyber Data Hub is one of the best VTU platforms in Nigeria, they offer multiple virtual top up services. These services include;

  • Data Subscription Purchases
  • Airtime top up
  • Electricity bill payments
  • Cable Subscriptions
  • Bulk SMS transactions
  • Airtime To Cash
  • Recharge card printing
  • Result Checker Purchases (NECO, WAEC, NABTEB)……and much more

They have been around since 2019 and have gathered over 20,000 loyal and trusting customers. On September 2022, Cyber Data Hub launched a referral contest where top 3 users with the highest number of active referrals earn a cash price. The referral contest is indefinite and prizes are to be awarded at the end of each month. Here is all you need to know about the Cyber Data Hub referral contest.

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How Does It Work?

To participate in the cyber data hub referral contest there are a few steps to take. Firstly, You must be an active user on the cyber data hub platform. If you are not registered, visit or download the mobile app from playstore using this link to register and begin.

Once you are registered and you have made at least one transaction, you can simply start referring friends and family using your referral link. The referral link is located at the top of your dashboard when using the website and at the bottom when using the app. Note that only ACTIVE REFERRALS will count.

cyber data hub referral contest

Referral Link Located at the top of the dashboard when using website

cyber data hub referral contest

Referral link located at the bottom of your dashboard when using the app

Who is an Active User or Active Referral?

Just as mentioned above, you have to be an active user and only active referrals will count. An active user is a user on the Cyber Data Hub platform that has funded his/her wallet and initiated at least one transaction  within the month. Active referrals are people who you refer using your referral link who has also funded their wallet and carried out a successful transaction. This is an important criteria because it filters out fraudulent users and cheaters.

How Many People Do I Have To Refer Before I Win?

That’s the great thing about Cyber Data Hub referral contest. There is no specific number, Cash prize goes to users with the highest number of active referrals for that month. If the highest number among all users that participated is 3, the user wins ₦12,000 cash.

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How Do I Benefit From Referring Users?

The best part about this referral contest is, your efforts will never truly be in vain. Here are some of the ways you can earn from referring users to Cyber Data hub;

  • You earn 5% of whatever each user funds their wallet with as referral bonus.
  • If any of your referrals upgrade their account to top user, you get ₦500 referral bonus.
  • The referral contest is every month and you’ll get ₦12,000 cash price if you have highest number of referrals.

How Do I Know The Number Of People I Have Referred?

On your dashboard, there is a icon or section named “My Referrals”, you can easily click on it to see the total number of people you have referred.

How Do I Collect My Payment After Winning?

At the end of every month, a list containing the top 20 winners and the total number of users they referred will be uploaded to the website and will be updated right here on this page. You can always come here to check for transparency. Each winner (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be contacted also directly by us and congratulated.

Will There Be Compensation Awards For Me If I’m Not In Top 3?

Short answer, …..Yes! You stand a chance to get free coupons for participation or if you fall within top 10-20 winners.

Where Do I Share My Referral Link?

We leave this part up to our users to decide but we can give you some ideas. You can get referrals and new users through sharing your referral link on your social pages like whatsapp , facebook, instagram, etc direct message family and friends(most effective). The ways you can get new referrals are basically limitless. So go out there and win. It’s easy!

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Major Points To Remember

  • The Cyber Data Hub referral contest began September 2022 and will keep going indefinitely.
  • You have to be an active user to participate meaning you must have carried at least one transaction that month.
  • Your referrals has to be active to count. This means if you refer 100 people and only 3 has funded their wallet and made a purchase, you have only 3 referrals.
  • Winners are declared at the  end of every month
  • Cash prize for user with highest number of active referrals is ₦12,000
  • Second place gets ₦8,000 cash
  • Third place gets ₦5,000 cash
  • If you try to cheat the system by creating multiple accounts, you will be disqualified.
  • There is no specific amount of users you have to refer to win. Just be the highest, come second or third highest to win
  • Winners are contacted at the end of every month directly by Cyber Data Hub. And note .. you wont be asked anything at all, money will be paid to your bank account linked to us. Do not fall prey to fraudsters.
  • This article will be updated if any of the terms change.
  • Top 20 winners will be updated in this article every month.

Good luck!



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