Culvers and Kwik Trip’s engagement photo is trending on social media

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Engagement photoshoots in Wisconsin are taking social media by storm.

That photoshoot has 11,000 likes and thousands of shares on Facebook.

“We recently met on Tinder like everyone else our age,” said Andrew Meyer.

Meier and his fiancé, Annemarie Ryan, set out to take engagement photos.

“It’s Family, Green Bay, Quick Trip, and Culver’s,” Meyer said.

She traded in her usual button-down and floral dress for sweaters from Culvers and Kwik Trip, debuting her love of what many call a Wisconsin staple.

Meier continues that his fiancée suggested shooting the sweater.

“She’s doing ‘Kwik Trip’ and ‘Culvers’ and I think it’s a great idea.

Meier told CBS 58 that he and his fiancé had their first date at Culvers, revealing he already knew.

“We went to Culver’s, and after I found out she loved Culver’s, I knew she was the one,” Meyer said.

Nathan Lewis, the man behind the viral photo, said a photo like this is worth a thousand words.

“They can look back and feel the same as they did years ago, but this one has a Midwest flavor, so it’s just a little bit more special.”

Lewis is co-owner of Kenosha-based Nathan and Stephanie Photography.

Meier said he didn’t expect social media to explode, but nevertheless said his future husband-to-be would be a great story to tell for future generations.

“A great Wisconsin love story, East and West don’t know what a quick trip is, and that’s fine, but we have to keep it here. Must keep Wisconsin. “

Meyer and Ryan are set to get married in the fall of 2023.

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