Chicago mob bookmaker Greg Paroian dies after battling brain tumor

Chicago (WLS) — The Chicago outfit has lost one of its most colorful characters.

Greg Paroian, a prominent Chicago mob bookmaker, died June 8 at the age of 67, despite winning a court bet and being given freedom in his final months in court. I was.

Paroian’s last gamble paid off after nearly a year of being stuck in prison to battle a malignant brain tumor.

His attorneys, U.S. prosecutors, and a federal judge have all postponed the date of his prison report in view of his deteriorating health.

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A Facebook photo of a former mob bookstore showed a usually jovial paroian looking at a dollar sign.

But when handing him a 30-month sentence last year, a federal judge explained that Paroan had “made a deal with the devil” after being previously convicted of similar crimes.

Paroian and his lawyer worked hard to prevent him from spending the last months of his life in prison.

Paroan and his team won that legal bet, even though Paroan and his team knew he was unlikely to surrender.

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He struck a plea bargain with the government in January 2020, admitting to running a large sports gambling business and falsifying taxes.

According to his guilty plea, Paloan bet on professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey and college sports.

Ultimately, U.S. District Judge Joanne Lefkow sentenced Paroian to two and a half years in prison.

The surrender date was postponed by Lefkow until the government, Paroian, and his lawyer and veteran criminal defense attorney, Ralph Mezik, could work out a deal to keep non-violent criminals from spending their final years in prison. rice field.

He never served time and died for the last felony on his record. A final plea for compassionate release from his prison term was denied on the professional grounds that he was not actually in prison, but released from nothing.

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Paloian’s last bet came when Outfit quickly realized that it was competing with so many legitimate betting sites and betting opportunities.

The old-style mob bookmaker business that the Paloian thrived on may have dwindled in recent times, but illegal syndicated gambling with varying odds, sometimes linked to crime syndicate loan sharks, is still Outfit’s money maker. .

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