Carter Page: Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Regarding Government Surveillance

During the 2016 presidential election, federal agents obtained permission from a FISA court to eavesdropping pagethe surveillance continued for about a year.
Investigators wanted to monitor the page while Russia was interfering in the 2016 election to support Donald Trump. The web of Russian connectionsThis included connections with known Russian spies, his past work at Kremlin-controlled Gazprom, and a pro-Russian speech he gave in Moscow at the height of the campaign.
But according to general reports of DOJ inspectors, the process the FBI and DOJ used to secure the warrant was riddled with errors, mistakes, and overall sloppiness. Investigators also relied in part on material from the notorious Trump-Russia dossier written by a retired British spy. lost a lot of credibility.
Two of four surveillance warrants granted by secretive FISA courts then declared invalid — A major blow to the credibility of the FBI’s early Russia investigation.
Page sued DOJ and the FBI, as well as a range of former FBI officials, including former Director James Comey, former senior counterintelligence officer Peter Strzok, and former FBI attorney Kevin Kleinsmith. Convicted of falsifying e-mail FISA application related. (Many of these individuals deny any abuse of power or prejudiced behavior.)
In the lawsuit, Page accused federal agencies and former officials of: violating his constitutional rights, and sought $75 million in damages. District Judge Dabney Friedrich, however, dismissed his case on Thursday. In the 54-page ruling, Trump’s appointees said Page’s allegations were “troubling” but still decided to dismiss the lawsuit.

Part of the reason Friedrich filed the lawsuit is that Page sued the wrong people. Defendants were involved in drafting the court filings that led to the surveillance, some of which permitted surveillance, but none of which carried out surveillance.


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