Analysis: Biden confronts Trump’s threat to democracy as ex-president re-hangs pardon for allies

At Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and their fellow founders led the nation down the democratic path.Given by the President.

He warned that Trump and his fellow ideologies represent a dark and dangerous force that seeks to crush the will of the majority using lies and violence.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” Biden said in another energetic and impassioned speech during much of his term thus far. denied the low wattage tone of

It was a commentary on the divisive political times of this era in which the world’s most powerful democratic leaders feel compelled to make such speeches. , his comments cannot be said to be disturbing. And there was no doubt that Biden sees the purpose of his presidency as defeating Trump and his Make America Great Again movement again.

“They see the mob that stormed the United States Capitol on January 6th and brutally attacked law enforcement as patriots, not as rioters who put a dagger to the throat of our democracy. There is

“They believe MAGA failed to stop the peaceful transfer of power after the 2020 elections in preparation for the 2022 and 2024 elections. I am determined to.”

Biden addressed a country whose politics were changed by Trump’s false claim that he was tricked into power in 2020. Republican midterm candidate They are trying to rise to power on the base of former presidents, and some of them may win and be in a position to influence future elections.

Still, Biden’s speech shouldn’t be viewed in isolation. While he is addressing as America’s head of state, his remarks are also like a campaign stump speech delivered in a very important battleground state he will visit three times within a week leading up to Labor Day. There was no question he was targeting his predecessor in Keystone State this weekend and a potential future rival.

And Biden seems to have had a point. Hours before his remarks, Trump appeared to justify the former president’s warnings about the threat he poses.

Trump says if he regains the presidency he would consider a full pardon Tried to sabotage President Biden’s legal recognition for mob members who crashed into the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“I am very strongly asking for a pardon. A full pardon,” the former president said on Wendy Bell Radio. “I apologize to many and mean complete forgiveness,” he said.

His comments at this point are hypothetical, relying on a long and complicated road to power. But it was also a stark reminder that he often shattered democratic principles and the rule of law in office. It is seen as a tool of personal power used to give power and punish political opponents. In effect, Trump would call Washington and forgive his supporters for inciting violence to overturn the election he lost. Had he succeeded, he would have replaced America’s 250-year experiment in democracy with rule by an autocratic magnate.

And he had a showdown with the Justice Department over classified documents Trump brought to a resort in Florida. play in court The presidency is fundamentally rooted in his view that the presidency is an all-powerful office that bestows absolute power on the incumbent.
In another sign that the Trump campaign was trying to compromise the will of voters, it emerged Thursday. Virginia “Ginny” ThomasThe Washington Post, a conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, first reported the text of these emails. These emails were obtained by the surveillance group Documented.

The development paints a harrowing picture of Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 election and then incite violence when his efforts fail, the House Select Committee member investigating the Jan. 6 riots. It followed a televised hearing by the Society. Multiple courts and Trump’s own Justice Department have ruled that there is no evidence that 2020 was marred by massive fraud.

It’s exactly the kind of vision of dictatorial power given to one man that broke away from two-and-a-half centuries ago, the founder signing his historic name in the hall that formed the backdrop for Biden on Thursday night. is.

Biden defines the modern political struggle

Biden’s speech and Trump’s growing assault on the electoral system from around the world underscore that the most important schism in politics today is not the age-old duel between liberals and conservatism. Battles raged fiercely and often with disgust in a deeply divided country, but they were largely between two political parties that fundamentally respected the electoral system.

The political struggles of our time are dominated by leaders (mostly Democrats, but increasingly recruits from conservative dissidents like Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney) who see democracy under attack. ) and a Trump machine ready to use any means, including undemocratic ones, to win power.

Biden’s aides insisted his speech at Independence Hall was not about the former president. But this in itself was dishonest, as he repeatedly spoke of Trump. His appearance came just two days after his style appearance in the previous campaign in Pennsylvania. he blamed the republicans He cheered on mobs who beat up police on Jan. 6. And less than a week later, Biden compared the philosophies of Trump supporters to “half-fascism.”
Mr. Biden is clearly using Mr. Trump’s rise to prominence in recent months as a stepping stone to propel Democrats forward in the midterm elections that usually hurt first-term presidents.he looks like he’s going to turn the election into chaos head-on collision The foundation on which he won in 2020.

So far, Biden’s tactic seems to be working, tying the strategy to Democrats’ attempts to shed light on the Supreme Court’s overturn of the constitutional right to abortion. climate and health law. All of this has driven the election away from moderate and suburban voters in the 2018 and his 2020 elections, from his own low approval ratings and a referendum on his worst inflation crisis in 40 years, to Trump and his It is an attempt to change the choice between

Democrats tried to do something similar in the 2021 off-year election, when Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin emphasized education and rising prices to win the governorship in a state Biden won by 10 points a year earlier. failed.

But this year, Trump is effectively on the ballot given that he has endorsed a number of candidates whose primary calling card is outright allegiance to the bogus allegations of voter fraud. And even outside the White House, following an FBI raid on his home in Florida, voters have seen the chaos and outrage in his presidency as he and his allies seek to intimidate and intimidate agencies. He is part of the news every day because he reminds us. like the FBI.

Biden’s bet is an attempt to reframe the midterm elections

Still, the unresolved question in 2022 is whether voters win the argument that democracy is in danger (a somewhat esoteric concept outside of Washington), or how much money comes out of budget-depleted grocery bills. Is it trying to punish the president for the pain people feel?

Conventional wisdom has often favored the latter conclusion. But perceptions may be changing.a CBS News poll This week, 72% of Americans believe democracy and rules are under threat. Whether that’s the most prominent factor when entering the voting booth, though, is another matter.
McCarthy says he wants Biden to apologize after 'semi-fascism'

Biden’s approach is not without risks. His remarks on fascism last week and his relentless attack on “MAGA Republicans” put him in danger of branding all Republicans as extremists. Millions of people voted for Trump in 2016 and his 2020 because they embraced his dissident beliefs and hostility to globalization. Some people liked his straightforward way of speaking. But that doesn’t mean they gave up on democracy.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, in this lane His own speech in Pennsylvania Thursday, trying to portray Biden as disrespectful to millions of patriots.

“President Biden has chosen to divide, insult and despise his fellow Americans. Why? Simply because they are against his policies,” McCarthy said. “That’s not leadership”

“The first words out of his mouth should be an apology for smearing tens of millions of Americans as ‘fascists.

Biden tried to fend off McCarthy’s criticism by arguing that not all Republicans are extremist. low. Of course, McCarthy is guilty of his own violations of democracy. Shortly after the Capitol riots, he said Trump was somehow responsible. However, he soon flew to Florida to make up with the former president.

Regardless, Biden’s speech set the midterm campaign on fire. His recent hardline rhetoric and Trump’s relentlessly inflammatory behavior prove two things. And Biden thinks it’s his destiny to stop him.


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