Alison Jaslow: Iraq Veteran and Former Democratic Leader Criticizes Biden for Having Marines in Speech

“We need to ensure that the military is removed from politics as much as possible, and it is not right for Democrats to use the military as a political pawn. No one has a home or an elected leader, and they should,” Alison Jaslow, former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told Briana Keillor on CNN’s “New Day.” rice field.

Biden said Thursday that former President Donald Trump and his Republican supporters represent “extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic” and that their attempts to undermine democracy are violent. Mr. Biden called on audiences to vote in November, embracing traditions such as a U.S. Marine Corps band and two Marines being placed on camera during a speech. supported by a largely apolitical symbol.

A White House official dismissed criticism that the president’s speech was political, telling CNN’s Jeff Zeleny that “democracy is not about partisanship or politics.”

But Jaslow said on Friday, “It’s very clear that the political message is running through this event.”

“I agree with the president’s message and I’m glad he’s saying this, but it’s not right that they chose window dressing for the event and included the Marines,” she said. told CNN..

playing cards often politicized the military The president used the National Guard to push peaceful protesters out of the White House in 2020 so they could pose for photos with military leaders.

Jaslow said Biden had a “real chance” to “reset” within the administration and return to a system that honors the president’s norms and respect.

“You can’t criticize the previous administration, and you can’t hold yourself to a much higher standard.” ”


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